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Rozie Hunter

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Job searching vs flat pack furniture

This week I have been assembling flat pack furniture. Not one of my finest ideas but here we are. As always, I bring yet another tenuous link here, so stick with me. As I sat in my guest bedroom, up to my eyes in nuts, bolts, spanners and allen keys, I couldn’t help but think - searching for the perfect job is like assembling flat pack furniture isn’t it? (still with me?). When candidates come to us looking for a new job, we ask questions, lots of questions! And you may wonder why… why so many? Well the reason being is, if all the nuts and bolts aren’t taken care of, something is going to fall apart later on down the line. I am not just talking about the obvious, money or location for example. But what about progression, status, job title, size of firm, working hours, working from home, benefits and extras, caseloads, clients, responsibility, management, part-time or full-time, holidays – the list goes on! What is most important to you? Which nuts and bolts do you need to make the perfect job? Which nuts and bolts could you let slide if it meant that your future career path can hold its own? Without those nuts and bolts will your perfect job breakdown five years down the line because you should have paid attention to them at the beginning? We ask these questions for good reason, and all will make sense later on down the line when you have secured your perfect role. So having drilled the last hole and hammered the last nail, I am sat here with one dowell, two screws and a washer. Everything is standing upright in the way that it should, and no doubt will function for quite some time. But I will always have in the back of my mind – there’s some crucial elements missing here. Was this the perfect fit after all? For more information, please contact rozie hunter at BCL Legal.

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