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As a psychology graduate from Cardiff University she joined a national recruitment consultancy in Birmingham in 2008 and was responsible for setting up the private practice legal division recruiting solicitors into commercial law firms across the UK. Rozie joined BCL Legal in November 2011 and now specialises in recruiting for private practices across Yorkshire and the North East.

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Returning to work after maternity leave: do you have the flexibility you need?

12 months off work is a LONG time. I remember my last blog post; I think it was the day before I was due to go off on maternity leave. Full of trepidation, nerves, excitement and genuinely no idea what to expect. It’s been a journey! I had a beautiful baby girl in January last year, and she truly has changed my life for the better. I decided to take the full 12 months off, and that is a decision I am...


Hi Ho Hi Ho – its off on maternity I go…

If someone had asked me this time last year what I was going to be doing for Christmas, being the only sober one at the Christmas Party would not have been my first response! I LOVE our Christmas party – I LOVE to be the last one standing (if I can manage it), and I genuinely LOVE catching up with with BCL friends, both old and new from our expanding network of offices. This year was certainly...


What is your biggest weakness?

OH THIS QUESTION. Drives me crazy! I understand why it’s a good one to ask, it puts the candidate on the spot, forces them to think quickly, and also opens them up to a whole world of awkwardness because they don’t want to appear weak in front of their future employers. However, this question is surely now one of the oldest in the book? And most importantly its purpose is now thwarted as 99% of...

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