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Keeping tabs on your CV

I have touched on this before, and I am sure a number of my colleagues have as well, but with the NQ season in full swing (to be fair this doesn’t just apply to NQ’s) – it is time to refresh our memories on REPRESENTATION. Every recruiters nightmare to be honest, and something which can be so easily avoided!

Now both candidates and recruiters are responsible for representation.

Some recruiters can give us good guys a bad name. They send CV’s without a candidate’s permission, for any job to any firm. I have even known a CV to be pulled off a cv site, “summarised” in a catchy paragraph, and then sent to a firm for a particular vacancy or vacancies. This is a massive no no. I have been doing this job for 8 years now, and never once have I sent the candidate’s CV without their permission. We are completely understanding that you may be in work, or at your child’s sports day, or on holiday, and as such a direct phone conversation cannot always take place, but until I have a direct ‘yes please’ from you - be that over phone, text or email, that CV will not go anywhere. I should add to that – that “yes please” should be in response to my “I have THIS JOB, available at THIS FIRM, in THIS LOCATION” – so you know exactly where your CV is going and what for. With that information, it is impossible for there to be any confusion with any other recruiter that you have given me permission to represent you for that particular role. Beyond that though, I have minimal control over the candidates I am representing. If you say yes to that role at that firm, I am confirming with that candidate that they have not had their CV sent to that firm for that role before.

Candidates are responsible for keeping tracks on exactly which agencies have sent their CV to which firm for which job, and when. You need to keep a list or spreadsheet, and keep on top of that list (including chasing for feedback), so you know exactly where you stand when it comes to your job search. It is possible for different agenciecs to send your CV for different jobs at the same location or different lcoations, so do not worry if that is happening, we can advise you. My point is, keep tabs on your CV. It only looks bad on you if 4 agencies send your CV for the same job within 5 minutes. If you find out that your CV has been sent without your express consent, then really that is not the sort of agency you want representing you.

Hopefully this blog isn’t too ranty – but I can only stress that this is the best process for you to follow to ensure the best representation possible for you during your job search – trust us – we know!

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