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Legal recruitment agencies and training and development: intensive versus extensive

Training at a legal recruitment agency is similar to learning how to drive a car; there are two ways to train: a week’s intensive crash course or regular lessons spread over a longer period of time.

Obviously, the benefits of an intensive week’s driving course are: it saves time and it can end up being cheaper. However, with these advantages, there are also some disadvantages to consider. For example, you might not experience all driving conditions in a week; the routes and road type you get to drive on may be limited; not to mention the extra level of pressure that comes for you to pass in a week. Ultimately, it can feel overwhelming. 

You could have yourself questioning whether or not you’ve made the right decision and lose all confidence in your ability.

Training in a new job parallels with the above. Knowing you have a week’s intensive training course before you’re off on your own is a scary prospect for some. What happens in a few weeks or months down the line if you hit some ‘bumps in the road’ that weren’t covered in training? Or they were but you simply can’t remember? Evidence suggests we're more likely to remember something if we make an active effort to understand it, and if we encounter it regularly. But when you have so much information thrown at you in the first week, your brain can only retain so much of it!

All legal recruitment agencies should take a long-term approach to training and development, and no matter what your level is, the learning journey never stops.

Legal recruitment agencies and training and development

At BCL Legal, we work with an industry leading training professional who delivers classroom-led training and individual coaching to match where you are in your recruitment journey in order for you to get to the top.

From joining, you can expect in-depth systems’ training, which is spread over two days in bite-size sessions. Following that, your training plan is spread out in short classroom-based training sessions, at the desk training, or one-to-one coaching. To complement this, we’re invested in a Learner Management System – where you can access an array of training materials at the touch of a button (or a click of a mouse).

If you’d like to know more about joining the leader in legal recruitment, with an unrivalled training and development offering, please get in touch for a confidential chat with my colleague Jo Leaver, Talent Acquisition Executive on 0161 819 7475 or email

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