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Mark Levine
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The month of turned down job offers

If ever there was a month in the year to convey that an offer of employment is more likely to be turned down than accepted (by lawyers) November was it. Here are 8 examples from this month in the North West alone!

1. Manufacturing/ Services sector: Turned down for an easier life in another not for profit sector. 2. Retail sector: Turned down for an equivalent role but closer to home. 3. Technology sector: Turned down as received another offer elsewhere that fitted the requirements of this senior lawyer better than the one on offer. 4. Technology sector: Turned down as promotion came internally and the money/ package on offer elsewhere did not make it worth there while to make a move. 5. Travel sector: Offer initially accepted but then turned down due to being ‘bought back’ by current employer. 6. Technology sector: Not enough internal support on offer for this junior lawyer looking to make a move in-house. 7. Travel sector: Higher offer accepted elsewhere. 8. Financial Services: Offer turned down as the sector ‘didn’t appeal’ in the end.

BCL Legal was only assisting on 2 of the above assignments at the start of the company’s process– and posts the turn downs we have been able to fill both vacancies with other lawyers. Another of the turned down roles came to us and we have completed the process so that is 3 roles out of the 8 filled… but there are still 5 unfilled roles to fill. The in-house recruitment team are working on 4 of the roles so hopefully these businesses will have completed their open pieces of recruitment by the end of the year… but as we know in the world of recruitment a role is not complete until the person starts… and even then they have to pass their probationary period for us to breath a little easier!!

If you are about to start a recruitment campaign for an in-house lawyer and want to increase your chances of success please do give us a call!

For more information contact Mark Levine at BCL Legal.

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