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Motivated for a return to the office?

To be brutally honest, I’m pretty fed up of reading about COVID and I’m sure you are too. All I will say is that the last 18 months for most of us have probably been the most extraordinary circumstances we’ve been asked to operate in.

So, as we begin to take steps towards a return to working in the office again, are you lacking motivation and in need of inspiration, jumping with joy, or ready to consider your options?

You may be feeling a wealth of emotions when you think about a return to the office. Maybe there have been changes to your team, workflow and colleagues around you.  Whilst some individuals have found working from home torturous and can’t wait to go back, others may well end up feeling a little anxious and unsettled. Whichever end of the spectrum you find yourself on, these are all completely normal feelings and neither will stand you in any better or worse stead when returning to the office.

We’re all in this together! It may be useful to take a step back, reassess and rekindle your motivation.

If you are feeling unsure, a simple step could be suggesting ideas to your team, whether it’s a new method of working or even training requirements, because more often than not, your colleagues will see this as a positive and be very keen to support you in trying to changes things for the better.

A slight change in activity or a refresher course may be just the nudge you needed to feel professionally refreshed and motivated.

Whilst many lawyers gain motivation through their focus on fee earning, as that is the main element of their role and the key to their enjoyment, others need a little something more. Supervision could be a great way of providing you with additional responsibility and giving support to others can make both you and your team feel more valued at work.

As the days roll into weeks and the week’s role into months, it can be very easy to overlook the reasons why you enjoy your job.

...Especially when additional pains are thrown into the mix, such as progression difficulties, lack of regular pay rises or changes in your role, but more often than not boredom can be addressed.

Try to be a positive influence on the team around you, both in terms of your capacity as a fee earner and a mentor/supervisor. You really can make a difference to your immediate team and the direct culture around you.

Things as simple as organising a lunch or team drinks can boost morale and to bring a team closer together. If you're Yorkshire based, see my previous blog on what Leeds can offer a lawyer socially for inspiration on this front!

I’m not sure I fully believe that someone can truly love every element of their job, but changing a few simple things can make a big different to how you feel about your day-to-day role.

However if after all your efforts to make changes for the better you still feel undervalued, uninspired or your aspirations are simply not being met, it may well be time to consider your options.

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