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Offer declined! Another warning about slow recruitment processes

I found this on LinkedIn – to date it has over 7,000 ‘likes’ and 322 comments.


Recruiter: Offer declined - Candidate accepted another offer.

Manager - Why? How did that happen?

Recruiter: We took too long.

Manager - It's been only 3 weeks since I talked to her.

Recruiter: 2 weeks too long, she was on the market for 3 weeks when you talked to her.

Manager - Did you know about the offer?

Recruiter: Yes and no. She did not tell me she has an offer pending but it's a fact, any talented person will have multiple offers within a period of time; I would say 2 to 4 weeks they are off the market.

Manager - So how do we overcome this challenge?

Recruiter: The issue starts with the hiring process. If it's a lengthy and boring process that does not cater to the talent pool. We will lose every time.

Manager- How do we refine the process to retain top talent?

Recruiter: Treat talent the way they want to be treated. Do not set high walls for them to climb, shorten the hiring process with prompt feedback and collaboration between departments, create job descriptions that make sense, promote your environment and the product or project they will be a part of.

Finally, ask for feedback on the hiring process from new hires and tend to their feedback. The hiring process has to be exciting and innovative to attract and cater to top talent.

I commented: Unfortunately some hiring managers still don't believe that this will happen to them or think that their opportunity will mean lawyers (in my case) will hold on for their process to conclude… but in most cases…a bird in the hand and all that.. Great post, good to know we are not alone. Thanks!


I have written on many occasions about the ‘war for talent’ and the dangers of running a slow recruitment process or one that is disjointed or doesn’t keep the candidate lawyer in mind. It really is a two way street – you need to want to hire the individual… but they will also need to want to accept your offer. Right now the highest in demand lawyers will easily have more than one option on the go – and most probably a job that they aren’t unhappy with. Recruiting clients have to do everything in their power to secure who they want – against the competition.

If you fancy reading the other 300 or so comments here is the LinkedIn activity:

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