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Joanna Marklove

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Retraining into industrial disease

We have seen much movement in the PI market over the past 18 months. Largely with the introduction of the MOJ portal we have seen a lot of the claimant firms closing or merging.

With all this change the biggest thing in the market we have seen is the rise in PI lawyers retraining into ID roles, mainly NIHL roles and this largely now is the type of role we are instructed on to find suitable candidates.

The main contenders In the market for these teams who have been rapidly recruiting include Quindell and Asons who have built massive teams in a relatively short period of time.

We speak to lots of candidates about these roles and give them advice on salary levels and how these teams operate. One of the leading firms we are assisting at the moment is Roberts Jackson in South Manchester. This firm really do offer a great training programme for lawyers looking for this type of career change.

Karen Jackson the CEO of the firm has been building their team steadily since 2009 and has a great reputation in this field.

If this is something as an RTA or E/PL lawyer you would want to discuss please do feel free to call Joanna Marklove or visit our website BCL Legal.

Also these links are great to give you a feel for the firm and the work they do.

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