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Returning to work after maternity leave: do you have the flexibility you need?

12 months off work is a LONG time. I remember my last blog post; I think it was the day before I was due to go off on maternity leave. Full of trepidation, nerves, excitement and genuinely no idea what to expect. It’s been a journey! I had a beautiful baby girl in January last year, and she truly has changed my life for the better. I decided to take the full 12 months off, and that is a decision I am really pleased I made. I remember thinking 12 months is such a long time to have off, and in “work mode” it is, but in “mum mode” it literally flies by.

I came back at the beginning of January, and in all honesty it’s like I never went away. It took a few days to warm up again, and remember how to use systems etc., but I was soon back in to the swing of things. What takes a little more time is getting used to juggling mum life and work life, and differentiating between the two. BCL offer fantastic flexible working and this has been invaluable in my return to work. It suits my circumstances well, and I have needed that flexibility when it comes to nursery pick ups and drop offs etc. I don’t think you can be prepared for going back to work after having a baby; babies are a full time job as it is! But you learn to work your job around being a mum and vice versa. Every new mum knows your priorities change massively when you have a baby, so it is important for me to really try and save any work time for nap times or after bed time so my little girl has her mummy time (and I get my baby fix too!).

Flexible working has become much more the norm in recent years, and there is no harm in asking because you may be surprised at what may be offered to you. This has to be earned of course, but with the increase in demand for remote access and cloud working, more options may be available than you think. At BCL it is all about the win win. If it works for you and it works for them, everyone is happy. And this is SO important when you are a new mum. Let’s face it – we need as much help as we can get!

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