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I appreciate that it is somewhat strange to discuss the world of the blog in a blog. A little like a film about films (think, Sunset Boulevard) or a book about books (er can’t think of one of those!).

However I have recently been enjoying the blogs of Rebecca Morgan on her website one of many young lawyers embarking on the difficult path of a legal career who find solace and assistance in the world of the blog. As we attempt to do with our BCL Legal blogs there is always the natural balance to be achieved of entertainment and information. Rebecca does this very well indeed on lawyerinthemaking and it is an excellent read for lawyers in education or in training or on the first rungs of the ladder such as those we cater for on our sister website BCL Grads.

Rebecca started her blog out of a familiar compulsion to link with other young lawyers and to educate and entertain. Certainly I found the ‘Top 15 Legal Programmes’ an interesting trip down memory lane. Good to see Ally McBeal in there (how many legal careers did that series inspire?),but I have to say that the programme Shark passed me by! For the BCL Grad consumer (and indeed for many lawyers that I still talk to regarding work/life balance) there is the highly informative ‘The Art of Knowing when it’s OK to leave the office’. This blog also contains an incredibly worrying diagram which suggests that it is best to have the discussion about culture and practice well before starting! (something that we will go over with candidates right through the process).

My favourite blog on lawyerinthemaking however was the eye opening ‘Slightly unconventional way to fund your law degree’. In my day, UCL(1877-1880) a law degree was generally fully funded but my times have changed. The blog recalls how one student funds her law degree by lap dancing (again an option that was thankfully not open to me) and contains the unforgettable line ‘ I know the legal industry is conservative but doing my adult work shouldn’t stop me from being a great lawyer’. So very true.

The blog is a relatively new addition to the literary world and one that is harder to get right than perhaps anticipated. That brief but punchy combination of informative and entertaining is one that perhaps comes more naturally to the young lawyer than the gnarled old legal recruiter who spends each day assisting PI and Clinical Negligence lawyers in pursuing their glittering careers. I hope in this blog there is a decent mix of entertainment and information but, as this is the modern techno world, let me know via twitter!

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