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Joanna Marklove

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The Fraud Boom

Last year we saw a big recruit into fraud by most of the large national firms in the North West. We had a big interest from claimant litigators wanting to re-train into fraud and a lot of the larger firms were happy to take them as they were so busy. Fraud has seen a big boom with more and more insurance fraud claims than ever before. Keoghs is still one of the biggest in the market dealing with these claims. During 2012, over 24,000 claimants suspected of submitting fraudulent claims were referred to Keoghs by a host of the country’s top insurers.

With this level of claims, recruiting good litigators has been crucial. To give an idea of the levels of increase in claims, those experiencing the highest annual increase in suspect claimants were Crewe, which saw a 260 per cent rise; Medway in Kent (145 per cent) and Leicester (58 per cent). We have also seen teams such as DAC Beachcroft in Manchester move to new offices to bulk up their fraud presence in the city as they have had a number of client wins also and so their position remains strong and growing.

If you are looking to recruit into your fraud team, or a fraud fee earner looking for a new opportunity in the North West, please contact Joanna Marklove at BCL Legal for further advice.

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