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The recruitment process

As a candidate at any level the recruitment process can be a daunting and overwhelming process so I wanted to give you some basic ideas of the queries you may have or being thinking about.

The beginning of the process is quite crucial as it gives you a platform to lay down to your agent what you want from the process and also gives the recruiter the opportunity to get to know you and more importantly what this process needs to do for you. At this stage it’s vital you divulge as much information as possible. We can only work with what we have and so things like pending pay reviews, outstanding bonuses, impending holidays are all important factors we need to know about.

I would always recommend where possible you keep your agency instructions down to a minimum as it saves much time and allows you to build a better relationship and saves your time explaining this over again. Once all this information has been established you can begin the process or discussing market conditions, roles which may suit your experience and give you salary guidance. You must always make sure your agent speaks to you about specific roles rather than just sending your CV out as this causes problems down the line.

Once you have decided on the options you want to look at the relevant applications can be made We often get asked about how long it takes to get a decision and it’s a question unfortunately we can’t answer as each firm is different. Normally we would hope to hear back in a 2 week period, however if the right person isn’t found in the first round of interviews they may review applications and revert later in the process. I would suggest keeping in touch every 2/3 weeks with your agent initially and then discuss together how much contact you feel is needed.

If you are selected for interview you will receive preparation documents from your consultant and do make sure you make time to discuss the interview. After the process you should always contact your consultant with feedback so they can supply this back to the client. The main point I think when using an agent to build rapor and trust so you know you are getting the best out of your agent and also your agent knows how best to help you.

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