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Tips at Interview

As we all know the recruitment process can be a stressful and a time consuming process. Firstly there is the CV preparation and application process, then comes the actual interview itself.

I think a lot of candidates tend to be so focussed on getting the perfect CV together that they don’t spend enough time preparing for the actual interview.

Preparing for the interview itself is actually the most important part, as it’s your one shot at impressing the potential employer and making the right impression.

Below are a few tips which might help when preparing for the interview:

1. Do your homework. Be prepared to answer questions on what you know about the firm and maybe even about the team you wish to join and the partner interviewing you. You may be asked about the type of work they do, information on clients, partners or what your impression of the culture of the firm is. It is also worth looking at competency based questions which are frequently asked at interview. This is aside from the technical preparation you need to do and just as important. Have a look at this link which provides examples of questions asked at interview: 2. Be on time and be well dressed. Research train times or available parking near the office, you would be surprised by the amount of calls we receive from candidates running late because they haven’t left in enough time. I think when you turn up late in a heightened state of stress performance decreases. 3. Body Language and eye contact are very important. When you are asked a question make sure you focus on the person asking the question, and look them in the eye. Be aware of slouching or sitting back in a chair, you need to look interested and focused throughout. Have a copy of your CV on the desk for you to refer to if necessary and this is also useful if the interviewer requires an extra copy. 4. Note taking. This is a good way of ensuring you keep a good record of all that has been said in the meeting and also remembering bullet points you may have made during your preparation. 5. Have maybe two or three relevant questions to ask at the end. It maybe for more information about the team you couldn’t find on their website or on the role.

These sound like really basic tips but they all ensure a smoother recruitment process and mean you have done the best you can in securing that important new opportunity.

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