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Tis the season to be…… sick???

Did anyone see Roll on Friday this morning? There was an article covering the unfortunate incident of a poor trainee that went to a works do recently and got so drunk she vomited all over herself and her colleagues (oh godddd!). They haven’t named and shamed (that’s nice…), as apparently “we’ve all been there”, but with the festive season upon us, I thought I would offer a few gentle words of wisdom to avoid making a fool of oneself at this years office bash. The works Christmas party – the social event of the year for some, social suicide for others. It’s the talk of the office in the weeks before (and usually after), with the girls discussing what they are going to wear, and the boys frantically buying last minute secret santa gifts - (Secret Santa – a whole other Christmas dichotomy only us office workers understand).

So Christmas Party day is here, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air as everyone gets into their glad rags and ready to hit the town. Wagers fly around the office over who is the most likely to pass out first, who will be the first to insult the boss, or who will be propping the bar up at the end of the night belting out their best rendition of Good King Wenceslas. There is often a free bar, which lets face it, is more often than not, a red flag to a bunch of crazed young bulls. No matter how merry the boss is, you can be sure that there is always someone watching… it might only be Sandra from finance, but when Sandra tells Janet in HR, by 9:01 on Monday morning you can guarantee that everyone will know who was doing the walk of shame the following morning.

So when it comes to the Christmas socials, I think its important to enjoy a happy medium. Enjoy yourself and let your hair down, but not to the extent where you find your secretary is holding your hair back, or worse still, your boss is picking you up off the floor. We have a number of new candidates starting in January who have been invited to their new employers Christmas parties. You want to be seen to be working the room, getting involved, and having a fun time with your new work colleagues, but in the same light, don’t take it a step too far and follow in the steps of this young trainee who was throwing up all over the place after one too many sambucas. Pace yourself, make sure you eat something sensible before you go out, and above all, maintain an air of decorum that ensures you aren’t the topic of office gossip on Monday morning.


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