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Whether you are a politician looking for re-election or in business 'Trust' is what matters

With the general election close by who you vote for comes down, like most things to who do you trust most. Which is just the same as in business- who you decide to work with or who wants to work with you all depends on developing a mutual trust.

A recent example highlights this for me in my role as a legal recruitment consultant to some of the UK's largest companies.

One client, a very large UK business that I have recruited for on numerous occasions was looking for a new head of legal. Due to seismic changes in the business most of our previous contacts had left and the fairly new recruitment function invited me in to pitch for the work. Although our discussion was good and my track record in both their sector and location was second to none my methodology was not deemed 'proactive' enough. Although we would use our extremely strong network for highlighting the role to appropriate individuals as well as advertising the role in the legal press, as we are not an out and out head hunting agency another company was chosen albeit they were based over 200 miles away from the client as opposed to my half mile proximity. I won't go into the reasons why I thought head hunting was not the right primary methodology for this role and company, what mattered was that ultimately the client did not believe that I could/would deliver the very best applicants the market might have to offer.

On not being chosen to complete this campaign, after the disappointment I got thinking about all of the above and came to the philosophical realisation that it was for the best as without the client fully trusting me I think it would have been an incredibly hard campaign to have completed effectively for them. Why do I say this? However good the lawyers might be that I would have brought to them I think because of their own over inflated beliefs of who they might get for this role they would always question my shortlist. In summary they didn't trust me to deliver on their expectations. As for my 'enjoyment' in assisting this client if I had been chosen to represent them I also think this would have been diluted, as after many years in this industry I also need to know that I trust my clients to take my advice and act upon it so that together we secure the right person for the role.

The pitch was five months ago... In the intervening period BCL Legal was asked to assist on recruiting for four mid level roles for the organisation. As I write this, three out of the four roles have been filled and the final open vacancy is being interviewed for now.

As to the head of legal role... All I know is that it remains unfilled and a lawyer that was rejected by the head hunting agency is in for a first meeting with the company this week via myself.... If you trust me, I promise to deliver.

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