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Why Are You Looking For A New Job?

Why Are You Looking For A New Job?

There are, of course, many reasons why you might be considering a change in career. You may have reached the end of your natural progression within a particular organisation, you might have found what you consider to be your calling, or you might simply feel that you’re stagnating staying where you are. “Why are you looking to change job?” is not just a popular interview question but something you should answer for yourself before filling in applications and sending off your CV.

Sometimes it may not be through our own choice. If your employer is downsizing or looking to let people go then this is a perfect valid reason to look for new document review jobs. London has been hit as hard by the recession as anywhere else and so workers in the capital are not completely safe from the axe of redundancy. Moving away from the area is another reason that may be considered beyond your control.

Consider your future and whether your dreams, aspirations, and goals can be met within your current organisation and down the trajectory you are currently heading. Development is important. Not only does it help ensure that we are earning the most we possibly can but it also prevents us from stagnating. This can lead to a lack in motivation and other problems within the workplace.

There are many different areas of expertise in law and while you may have enjoyed a decent career working within employment law, you may feel that it is time for a change in direction. You may want to progress in contract law or take on some other new challenge that you would not be able to meet in your previous job. By looking for a new job you can help advance your career in the desired direction, further your horizons, and prove yourself in a new area of speciality that may not be available at the firm you currently work in.

From employment law to document review jobs London has many legal positions that are crying out for qualified, skilled, and eager applicants. As well as showing that you have these attributes you should consider the reasons that you have for wanting to make the move. Changing career can prove highly rewarding and you can reap the financial and career based rewards but only if it really is the right move to make. Contact BCL Legal today to discuss your next legal career move.

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