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Working with your recruiter

Working with your recruiter

As a candidate it is  important that you work well with your recruiter.

You will work with your recruiter potentially for a long period of time and they will give you access to industry knowledge, market information and jobs that are not advertised directly. Its therefore important you work together and have a 2 way relationship.

Here are a few ways of getting the most out working with your recruiter

  • Keep your CV format simple and factual. Your recruiter will be able to make suggestions around improving your CV then take the feedback on board and make the amendments. Don’t forget they know what their client is looking for.
  • You should also be flexible. In a tough and competitive market sometimes your recruiter may ask you to think outside the box in order for you to get the most out of your search.
  • Don’t over embellish your CV with your capabilities as this may put you and your recruiter in a difficult situation further down the line.
  • Be realistic in your expectations of how often you contact your recruiter. It won’t help you calling daily for an update and will put pressure on your relationship.
  • It is absolutely vital that you keep control of your CV at all times. You must keep a record of which companies you have applied to directly or through an agency and when that application was made to ensure that no duplicate applications are made.
  • Never let a recruiter send your CV to a company without them telling you who that firm is.
  • No matter how keen you are to move on in your career, try not to register with multiple agencies.
  • Be careful if your recruiter asks you to sign any documentation. Always read before signing.
  • Respond promptly to any communications and check your email as well as your phone.
  • Call the recruiter after any interviews to give feedback on how you view the opportunity.
  •  Keep in contact if things change on your side and let the agency know straight away.
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