Daniela Korn

Daniela Korn

Head of employment and co-owner at Tan Ward

Daniela Korn, co-owner and head of employment at London media and entertainment specialist Tan Ward, shares her passions and interests.

How do you like to start the day?

A cuddle with my children and an English Breakfast tea with a dash of milk and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon.

What’s your favourite object in your office/home office?

My laptop. I’m so thankful for the freedom and flexibility it gives me.

Who is your closest colleague?

Praveen Bhatia. I have known her for most of my career and have always admired her compassion, integrity and strong work ethic.

Do you have a favourite family heirloom?

Gold bangles passed to me from my Grandmother, which I will pass on to my girls. They replicate the ones she always wore and remind me so much of her.

What’s your favourite song of all time?

In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

What’s your favourite play?

Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. It’s a classic and I also love the variation in My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn. I fell in love with the story when we performed My Fair Lady as my primary school leavers play.

Who’s your favourite movie star?

Audrey Hepburn. She epitomises timeless elegance.

What’s your favourite book?

Impossible to choose a favourite. I love reading. I particularly love fiction where you can lose yourself in someone’s story.

What book are you reading right now?

The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller.

What book do you wish you had written?

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. Such an incredible and inspiring story about Nike’s foundation and growth. The importance of culture really resonated with me and reflects what I see with my clients and indeed Tan Ward.

What’s the greatest invention of all time?

Wooden tongs to get toast safely out the toaster. It’s the simple things in life. They bring me joy every time I use them and I also love that they are magnetic, meaning they are always by the toaster. Simple but perfect.

Is there a sport you wish you could play?

Tennis. I do play, but badly! It is a such a lovely sport and I hope to take some lessons in the not-too-distant future.

Who inspires you in business?

JK Rowling. I truly believe determination and perseverance is the key to success. It would have been so easy to give up after being rejected but she kept going. That resilience created in the face of adversity is admirable. She is a household name as a result.

In the office do you dress up, dress down or somewhere in between?

Somewhere in between. I always want to be comfortable but do my best to be presentable too.

Where do you go to relax?

My living room. It’s my sanctuary. I particularly love it in the winter with the fire on.

What country have you always wanted to visit?

I’d love to explore the UK more. My travel has always taken me abroad but there loads of place closer to home I have not yet had the pleasure to visit.

Besides your phone, what do you always have with you?

Sweets. Terrible for my teeth and gut but, shamefully, I am a sugar addict.

What’s the best part of your job?

Helping people and being able to support them through difficult situations. We are often called in at times when people are feeling vulnerable and worried, and it is rewarding to be part of the process that sees individuals work through and overcome these challenges.

How do you unwind after work?

Reading a good book or watching a series. It is important to be able to switch off from the day before bed.

Finally, what’s your guilty pleasure?

Scrolling fashion apps and browsing their collections. Online shopping is great fun but I have to admit managing the parcels and the returns is less fun. My family often joke that our hallway is a post office.


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