DAY IN THE LIFE OF.... Andrew Winterton – head of legal and compliance at easyJet

Firstly, no two days at easyJet are the same! I wake up at 6.45am unless our four year old decides otherwise! I check my blackberry whilst preparing our 16 month old’s milk and then I have breakfast before leaving the house at about 8.10am. I cycle up to West Hampstead station and when I’m on the train I respond to emails and plan (roughly) the five things I want to achieve that day. I normally get to my desk at Hangar 89, which is adjacent to Luton Airport Terminal, between 9.00am and 9.15am.

Over the rest of the morning, I have quick update meetings with team members based on the morning’s reading and/or matters for the day. easyJet is very meetings focused so I will normally have several planned meetings on projects varying from pricing to compliance. Otherwise my morning is a coffee fuelled walk in surgery on matters ranging from contract disputes to briefing notes for the board.


Lunch is normally with the team in the Terminal – M&S does a roaring trade from us alone! Otherwise it is at my desk reading the news online.


Hangar 89 is open plan so in the afternoon I will try and book a meeting room to get any reading or drafting done – generally it is writing or reviewing advice; often on consumer or aviation law. It also allows me to concentrate on the remaining (roughly five) matters on my list!

I leave the office around 6.00pm and I only stay later if there is a deadline – more often than not responses to regulators – or if I arrived late having cycled my daughter to school. On the train home I will again read and send emails


I always aim to get home just before 7.00pm when I help put the kids to bed. After supper with my wife I will send a few more emails for an hour and then switch off.

On average I am out of the office at least once a week meeting the Commission, government, regulators, lawyers or our country management teams. As I write this, I am on a flight back from a day trip to Rome for our Italian Country Review Board where we reviewed the country’s financial, customer and operational performance. I travel at least once a month often with a 4.30am start and returning by 11.00pm.