THE BRIEF A DAY IN THE LIFE OF... Sara de Tute – Legal & compliance director at Lowell Group...

I wake at 5.30 to the music of my alarm and immediately press snooze – I am not naturally a morning person, but hate traffic more, so the early start wins each time. Leaving the house at just after 6.30, I am armed with a cup of coffee (decaf) and breakfast for later.

The radio entertains me on the 40 minute drive along the M62 and by the time I park at the office I am ready for another great day. I catch up with my other co- directors before anyone else needs our time.

After checking my diary, I plan what I must do that day, whilst eating porridge from a flask. I sit on a number of internal boards such as Compliance, Audit and Risk, Health and Safety and Change Control and I also operate an open door policy, so ad hoc meetings are also the norm.

As I started my legal career as a commercial litigation lawyer, disputes are my forte but fortunately for the company these are few and far between. Variety is what I love about the role – the changing regulatory landscape and the fast moving business means boredom is not an option. I try and deal with emails in blocks of time and much prefer to pick up the phone rather than have a long email exchange.

Lunch is usually at my desk, catching up on emails or other reading. I am responsible for three areas, including contacts and compliance, and so I regularly meet up with my teams. As I am also president of the Credit Services Association, our trade body, I have to ensure I am up to date with regulation and consultations but as a result enjoy regular trips to meet regulators and attend far too many conferences. They do, however, offer the excuse to deviate from the healthy diet.


The day in the office ends much the way it started – leaving late so I have time to plan and avoid the traffic (unless I am meeting friends for a sociable bottle of wine), catching up on calls in the car or listening to the radio. I am greeted by my two lively Labradors and take time to catch up with my husband, before opening the laptop…again.