Interview with Paul Meredith, Partner, Carpenters, Birkenhead

Q Paul, what is your role at Carpenters?

A I am Joint Head of Operations and an Executive Partner on the Management Team.

Q What is the best thing about your job?

A The sheer breadth of the role. I am responsible for all operational matters and development within my team, and ensuring that we are able to deliver a great service to all of our clients.

Q What is the most interesting case you have dealt with?

A It involved a claim on behalf of a paint sprayer who contracted terminal bladder cancer as a result of exposure to fumes in the paint shop. What made the case so involving was the knowledge that the outcome of the case would have a profound impact upon the Claimant’s family, both emotionally and financially, for years to come.

Q What has been your greatest achievement in your profession to date?

A Being appointed head of my team with Carpenters.

Q What impact has the current downturn had on Carpenters?

A We act only on behalf of the victims of accidents, and so have not been exposed to the downturn of the economy which has affected primarily the property and corporate sectors. In fact, we have actually been able to continue our trend of steady growth at a time when many of our competitors are struggling.

Q What would you advise trainee solicitors qualifying nowadays?

A Your career will hopefully be a very long one, so when deciding which area of law you want to specialise in, don’t be too influenced by which area of work is currently booming, or where there are likely to be jobs within your existing firm. These things are cyclical. Do something that you know you are going to find enjoyable and rewarding.

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