Interview with Paul Rooney from The Paul Rooney Partnership

Q Paul, what is your role within the firm?

A I am the Managing Partner and I am not involved in any fee earning work. I am engaged in the day to day running of the practice and planning strategy for the firm’s future.

Q You set up the firm back in 1977, how does the practice today compare to the firm then?

A When I first set up, law firms were more traditionally run and if you did a good job you expected to keep the client for life. Law firms have had to make changes and adjust with the times. There is a lot more competition nowadays.

Q What is the best thing about your job?

A I love the variety and I get involved with the marketing department, staff recruitment, finance, dealing with banks, cash flow projections with our in-house accountants and lots more. It’s far more variety than just dealing with legal work.

Q What is the most interesting case you have dealt with?

A Probably the Heysel Extradition case to the House of Lords.

Q What has been your greatest achievement in your profession to date?

A Having run a highly successful criminal practice and turning the firm around totally to what is now a highly successful personal injury practice doing no Legal Aid work at all.

Q Has the current economic climate effected the firm?

A Yes of course, every firm has to be effected but we are fortunate that we specialise in litigation which tends to increase during times like these.

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