Marie-Louise Hamilton

Marie-Louise Hamilton

Managing Partner at Wrigleys

We chat to Marie-Louise Hamilton, the newly appointed Managing Partner at Wrigleys, about her career and vision for the firm

Marie-Louise how has it been since you took over as managing partner?

It is actually only just over a week since I have taken on this new role and it has certainly been busy so far.  Over the last twelve months or so, I have worked closely with Paul Nash, our managing partner for the previous ten years, and so I have been gradually becoming more involved with all aspects of the firm during that time.

What have been the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of your new role?

The role is so varied and involves so many different aspects of the firm which, while challenging, means that I have the opportunity to work with and get to better know, my colleagues from across the whole firm.  I feel quite privileged to have that opportunity and find that really rewarding.  I am looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead and working with my colleagues.

How tough have you found it juggling your new managing partner and fee earning duties?

I am extremely fortunate to have such a strong private client department in the firm, both in terms of numbers and technical ability.  I am fully confident that they will continue to support me in delivering advice to our clients.  This, together with an excellent senior management team, ensures the juggling is not too tough.

What’s your leadership style and how does it differ from your predecessor?

Inevitably people have different leadership styles and approaches and Paul obviously has considerable more experience than me as a leader.   I believe that working together in a collegiate manner will ensure success in achieving the firm's objectives.  I am not long in the role and I suspect that my style will develop and evolve over time.

What’s your five-year vision for Wrigleys?

My aim is to lead the firm to meet its growth targets while preserving the culture and ethos of the firm, which is so important to us all.  We want to maintain our position as a leading specialist practice outside London with clients continuing to receive excellent and timely technical advice.  Being able to attract talented lawyers enables us to continue developing niche areas of law in which we become national experts.

What drives you?

Wrigleys has achieved so much in its twenty three year life so far with many individuals receiving well deserved national recognition and respect.  There is still so much potential in the firm and a desire to continue to build on that achievement. Seeing colleagues develop an interest in an area of law and become leaders in their field is something that I am passionate about.

Who or what has been your biggest career inspiration?

Matthew Wrigley, who sadly passed away nearly two years ago, and Ann Duchart for their courage to amicably leave the firm in which they were both partners and establish Wrigleys in 1996. Their vision for the firm was, and still remains today, key to Wrigleys' success.

What’s been the best piece of career advice you’ve been given?

Find an area of law that makes you tick, make it your own and run with it.

What are your passions outside of work?

I love to get some fresh air.  We are so lucky to have so much choice but a long bracing walk in Yorkshire somewhere with my family and my trusted (and greedy) black labrador, Nelly certainly ticks a box.