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How to build more resilience at work

Build a good support network and talk about your problems and stresses (doing so doesn’t make you weak)

A solid network of people to talk to is vital to maintain optimum levels of resilience. Size doesn’t matter – one or two people to use as a sounding board/discuss what's on your mind can do wonders. We all need someone to talk to after a rough day at work or a protracted period of time at work where it all seems too much. Talking to friends acts as a release and helps you to rationalise your thoughts. You might want some advice but sometimes a listening ear is all you need to get you back on track.

Learn from your problems

People make mistakes, or perhaps the unexpected takes place, which is out of your control! Perhaps you've inherited a caseload where deadlines have been missed and applications need to be made. This may put you in a situation where you have to venture out of your comfort zone and find a solution to the problems at hand.

Don't be a prima donna during a crisis!

Managing numerous responsibilities at work can be difficult – especially in the legal field where you’re up against tight deadlines, client expectations and billing targets. One setback or mistake may feel like the straw that broke the camel's back...

But is it?

Take a step back and think about the supposed 'crisis'. Focus on any action you’re able to take, not what’s out of your control. Jumping to conclusions about what may or may not happen if things go wrong won't get things done! Take a deep breath, focus on what you can do and undertake said action. Prime donne don’t last long in a workplace... especially in the legal world.

Purpose: set yourself realistic goals and celebrate your wins

You don't have to wait two years until you get that promotion to celebrate the hard work you do. Whatever the success, big or small, it's important to celebrate it!

Start every day with a positive outlook. A simple statement such as ‘today is going to be a good day' will trigger your subconscious mind to look for positive wins during the day. It might be drinking those two litres of water a day or taking the stairs. Highlighting the small wins will bring you the positive energy you need to get you through the day. Reflecting on the day just before bed and highlighting positive 'wins' will reinforce the positive mind-set and fuel you for the next day.

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