Joy Kinglsey

Joy Kinglsey

Senior Partner at JMW

JMW’s Joy Kingsley is in the 20 Questions hot-seat

Cars.What time did you wake up this morning?

What’s your favourite object in your office?
My mobile phone. I feel abject panic if I am parted from it.

Who is your closest colleague?
Dan Clark, our marketing director. His desk is about 10 yards from mine!

Do you have a favourite family heirloom?
A painting given by Harold Riley to my father.

What’s your favourite song of all time?
Love Shack by The B52s.

What’s your favourite play?
Beautiful by Carol King.

Who’s your favourite movie star?
George Clooney.

What’s your favourite book?
Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

What book are you reading right now?
All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg.

What book do you wish you had written?
The Da Vinci Code.

What’s the greatest invention of all time?
The Internet.

Is there a sport that you wish you could play?

Who inspires you in business?
Anyone who is very lucky.

Dress up, dress down or somewhere in between?
Dress down.

Where do you go to relax?
Mallorca regularly and as many other places as I can make 30 days stretch to.

What country have you always wanted to visit?
Every Greek island.

Besides your phone, what do you always have with you?
A pen and paper as I love writing/drawing how something is going to work out.

What’s the best part about your job?
The people.

What’s your favourite post-work tipple?
I don’t drink alcohol but there are plenty of other things that can go wrong!

Finally, what’s your guilty pleasure?
Watching Million Dollar Listings.