Amanda Nuttall – business unit director of Keoghs’ Fraud Rings Team...

What is your role at Keoghs?
I am the business unit director of Keoghs' Fraud Rings Team. I have responsibility for the operational and financial performance of the Fraud Rings Teams whilst ensuring clients’ SLAs and Keoghs' objectives, benchmarks and KPIs are delivered.

Why did you choose a career in law?
I watched too many police and courtroom drama TV programmes and thought working in law would be something similar...

What's the best thing about your job?
Spending time with my team - motivating them to achieve their potential and seeing their enjoyment at the successful results they achieve for our clients.

What keeps you working at Keoghs?
The people. Keoghs' Shared Behaviours are key to our success and with everyone adhering to them, Keoghs is a great place to work.

What's the most interesting case you have dealt with?
A one man Fraud Ring based in South Wales. Three RTA claims pursued against different insurers for the write off value of the Claimant's Ferrari and hire of alternative prestige vehicles. Being able to prove the accidents had been staged and lodging Defences pleading fraud had led to the two litigated claims being discontinued and costs orders made against the Claimant for our insurer clients costs. Savings of over £500k were achieved for the insurer clients and we are now in the process of making the Claimant bankrupt for non payment of our costs orders.

Where do you see your firm in five to ten years?
While the Legal Services Act may lead to changes in Keoghs' structure (alongside other firms), I believe that several key things won't change - particularly our commitment to supporting the insurance industry, our leading role in the fight against fraud and our goal of being a great place to work.

What would you have been if you weren't a lawyer?
I wanted to be the manager of Bolton Wanderers Football Club. With its current performance, there could soon be a vacancy!

What would you advise lawyers beginning their legal career today?
While developing your knowledge and experience in the law is undoubtedly important, it isn't the be-all and end-all. Of equal worth is the ability to develop strong relationships with clients by understanding their business and their goals. Also being committed to delivering excellent service and building effective lines of communication / rapport with your client contacts.

What do you think are the biggest challenges/ opportunities for 2012?
The Legal Services Act implementation is inevitably going to shake up the marketplace, and lead to more mergers, takeovers and outside investment in our profession. In addition, within the insurance industry, the implementation of the Jackson reforms aimed at tackling the 'compensation culture' is going to herald new challenges and opportunities that we need to meet. All in all, exciting times lie ahead...