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CV Best Practice

Giving Your CV the Edge

Outside your own firm, the CV stage is usually the first hurdle – or opportunity your application faces. We have a great deal of insight into making CVs work to maximum effect for specific employers, and we’ll work with you to achieve that goal. In the meantime, here are some general points that are worth checking your CV against.

Simplicity is Key

Limit yourself to 4 sections – These should include Education, Legal Experience, Relevant Non-Legal Experience and Interests.

To-the-point content – Examples of the cases and work you’ve had a hand in should be concise. Clearly state the clients and their activities to highlight your expertise in those areas.

Show your business side – If you’ve helped promote your existing firm through networking events or any kind of marketing activity, highlight these. It’s something most firms will be impressed to see.

Personal Details

Interests - Use this to show that you’re multi-faceted. This section helps communicate the kind of person you are,  so potential employers can see how you’ll fit in their culture.


The pro-forma CV is a particularly useful example of ideal content and presentation.

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