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CV Best Practice

Optimising Your CV

We can offer plenty of insight into maximizing your CV’s strength – being constantly involved with legal firms and their needs helps us give you the ‘inside track’ on what gets a CV noticed. So while we’ll work with you to achieve that goal, in the meantime here’s a checklist of general tips to check your CV against.

Simplicity Works!

Use 4 clear sections

  • Education
  • Legal Experience
  • Relevant Non-legal Experience
  • Interests

Content focus – Show the cases and work you’ve been involved with in a concise format. Name the clients and describe their work to highlight your expertise in those areas.

Highlight business development activities – Most firms expect their people to contribute to building business, so give details of marketing activities you’ve been involved with - networking events and breakfast meetings, for instance.


Interests - Listing your interests outside work helps your potential employer develop a picture of your character and how you may fit with the firm’s culture. With a little luck you also may find that you share an interest with your interviewer too!


We’ve put together some tips on CV best practice - the pro-forma CV, in particular can help you fine tune content and presentation.

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