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Recruitment Services

Different firms and legal departments can have widely differing recruitment needs. Our recruitment services are channelled in a range of ways to provide solutions for every situation.


If you’re offering a permanent role, you need to be 100% certain that the candidates you see fit your criteria in experience, qualifications and personality.

BCL’s extensive experience and insight into legal firms and departments helps us to quickly understand your requirements and your organisation’s culture. You can be sure that we will only introduce you to people who really match your brief.

So you get the pick of the best candidates available, and the time and effort you invest in recruitment is used most effectively.


Hiring-in temporary legal expertise is an increasingly popular option for private practice and in-house departments. The flexibility and short-term commitment offers a practical solution to many workload issues, and BCL has specialist expertise in this area.

We’re adept at quickly understanding your needs, and given our 40,000-strong database, you will find the people you require in the shortest time possible.

Barristers, solicitors, legal professionals, paralegals – whatever your temporary need and situation we have the candidates to match.

Fixed Term Contracts

When there’s a specific timeframe you need to fill with a temporary vacancy, a fixed term contract can be a useful solution.  We can advise on the pros and cons of the arrangement and the best way to proceed, based on extensive in-depth experience of fixed term contracting. 

Contingency Recruitment

If your recruitment need is for a less senior role someone with mainstream legal skills, contingency is often a practical option. Our experience and knowledge also helps keep contingency candidate lists to a manageable number. We’ll ensure you don’t spend inordinate amounts of time working through CVs that don’t really fit the bill.

Retained Recruitment

Choosing to retain BCL as your organisation’s recruiter offers many benefits. Working this way allows us to build a strong understanding of your firm or department’s culture, operations and specialisms. It helps us to really get to know your people, your markets, ambitions and challenges.

From this in-depth knowledge we can match candidates to roles with speed and precision, saving you time and effort and delivering highly focused, cost-effective recruiting through your own preferred methodology. 

Recruitment Advice

Many of our clients utilise our expertise to refine their approach to recruitment.

Having such extensive experience of all aspects of legal recruitment gives us the ability make the process efficient and effective for your organisation.

Interview Preparation

BCL’s consultants can help you to make interviewing as productive as it can be. Whatever your interview techniques and formats, we can offer advice on maximizing their effectiveness and fine tuning. BCL can also help members of your team perfect their own interviewing skills.

Salary Guides

Use the link here to access our latest research into salaries and benefits in the English regions. To download, make sure you have the most recent version of Acrobat Reader installed on your device. 

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